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·Organic Synthesis
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  Product name:  21-Amino-Epothilone B

Chemical structure

Synonym:  21-Aminoepothilone B

Chemical structure name:

[1S,3S(E),7S,10R,11S,12S,16R]-3-[2-[2-(Aminomethyl)thiazol-4-yl]-1-methylvinyl]-7,11-dihydroxy-8,8,10,12,16-pentamethyl-4,17-dioxabicyclo[14.1.0]heptadecane-5,9-dione; (4S,7R,8S,9S,13R,14S,16S)-13,14-Epoxy-4,8-dihydroxy-5,5,7,9,13-pentamethyl-16-[1-methyl

Molecular Formula:  C27H42N2O6S


Molecular Weight:  522.7028


CAS Number: 280578-49-6


Appearance White solid


Purity (HPLC)≥99.0%



21-Aminoepothilone B is a novel water-soluble analog of epothilone B.  Oncolytic Drugs, Antimitotic Drugs, Apoptosis Inducers, Epothilones, Microtubule-Stabilizing Agents.

Packing: Preserved in tight container 50g /bottle or in demand


storage condition   desiccated

 protect from lightstorage temp.: −20°C


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