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  • Quality Standard
    USP, EP, JP
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    10G/Bag, 20G/Bag, 200G/Bag
  • Storage Condition
    Shading,Sealing,Store at room temperature
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    Ongoing registration

General Description of Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5):
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) is used to prevent flea infestations on your pet. In dogs, it is also effective against ticks, sarcoptes mites, ear mites, and heartworms. In cats, it is also effective against roundworms, hookworms, ear mites, and heartworms.
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) (trade names Revolution, Stronghold) is a topical parasiticide and antihelminthic used on dogs and cats, distributed by Zoetis, a former Pfizer subsidiary. It treats and prevents infections of heartworms, fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange (scabies), and certain types of ticks in dogs, and prevents heartworms, fleas, ear mites, hookworms, and roundworms in cats. It also removes 2 types of lungworm in cats (Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, Eucoleus aerophilus) and one type of lungworm in dogs (Eucoleus aerophilus). It is structurally related to ivermectin and milbemycin. Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) is not approved for human use.
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) Usage:
The drug is applied topically. It is waterfast, and does not lose its effectiveness with bathing. It is packaged according to its varying dosage sizes, and is applied once monthly.
How Does Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) Works:
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) works by entering your pets bloodstream through the skin. There, it can kill internal parasites such as the heartworm by paralyzing their central nervous system. Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) also redistributes itself back to the skin from the bloodstream to treat external parasites such as ticks, fleas, and mites. Fleas are typically dead within 36 hours of administration.
Do not give your pet Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) by mouth! To administer Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) topical solution, you want to puncture the seal on the tube using the cap. Then, spread the hair on the back of your pet’s neck above the shoulder blades to expose the skin. Squeeze and drag the entire contents of the tube onto the skin. Do not massage into skin, and do not apply to wet or broken skin.
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Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) Mode of action:
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) disables parasites by activating glutamate-gated chloride channels at muscle synapses. Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) activates the chloride channel without desensitization, allowing chloride ions to enter the nerve cells and causing neuromuscular paralysis, impaired muscular contraction, and eventual death.
The substance fights both internal and surface parasitic infection. Absorbed into the body through the skin and hair follicles, it travels through the bloodstream, intestines, and sebaceous glands; parasites ingest the drug when they feed on the animal's blood.
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) Side effects and Drug Reactions:
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) has been found to be safe and effective in a 2003 review.
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) has high safety ratings, with less than 1% of pets displaying side effects. In cases where side-effects do occur, they most often include passing irritation or hair loss at the application site. Symptoms beyond these (such as drooling, rapid breathing, lack of coordination, vomiting, or diarrhea) could be due to shock as a result of Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) killing heartworms or other vulnerable parasites present at high levels in the bloodstreams of dogs. This would be a reaction due to undetected or underestimated infections prior to using the medication, rather than an actual allergic reaction to the drug itself.
Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) may result in these side effects:
Allergic reaction (labored breathing, hives, etc)
Loss of appetite
Muscle tremors
Rapid breathing
Do not use Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) concurrently with any other topical flea preventative. Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) is, however, safe to use in pregnant or lactating pets. Doramectin is also safe for use in dogs over 6 weeks of age and cats over 8 weeks. 
The administration of Selamectin(casno.220119-17-5) may result in oily, stiff, discolored, or powdery hair or skin at the administration site. Irritation and hair loss at the site may also occur, but should be temporary.